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Self Drive Hire

Self Drive Hire

Who wants to drive around in their own car all the time, when our self drive hire means you could sit behind the wheel of a luxury model for the weekend. At Elite Limo Hire, we’ve been making dreams come true for over a decade, and we’re ready to take you wherever you want to go.


Luxury car hire doesn’t have to be chauffeur-driven, and for those who wish to feel more like a rock-star than a member of the royal family, we offer self drive hire services. Pull away in one of magnificent vehicles and go wherever you please. Maybe you’re interested in an adventurous weekend away with some friends and want to travel in the ultimate of style. Or perhaps you’re taking a week off and want to spend it touring the country with your nearest and dearest. Whether you want to hire for a night, a weekend or a full week we have a range of affordable packages to suit you.


So let’s get the nitty gritty details down first: Anyone aged 25 and over can use our self drive hire vehicles, following a thorough check. Those aged 30 years and over can also use our supercars, again following a thorough check. Full insurance documentation is provided by our friendly team for all hires, so we’ve got you covered. Our easy booking system aside, what car tickles your fancy?


Will it be the likes of our refined Rolls Royce, Jaguar or Bentley? These prestigious cars come with luxurious interior, elegant exteriors and a brand image to make almost everyone you drive past stop and stare. In terms of our supercars, these are also part of our self drive hire service, so imagine getting into one of our Ferraris or Lamborghinis, to name just a few. We’re adding new and exciting luxury cars to our fleet all the time, so if you can’t seem to find your dream car, just ask. Get in touch with our team for further information, inquiries and requests.


Self drive hire services aside, our chauffeur-driven services also come highly recommended, when you want to sit back and relax. Choose from a wide range of limousines, prestige cars, minibuses and even full-size coaches to use as transportation to your event. We cater for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, red carpet events and so many more.


All our hire vehicles come with non-alcoholic beverages provided, with the option to bring along alcohol if the occasion calls for it. We also offer personalisation services with decorative options inside and out. If you’re looking to make a grand entrance, we have the vehicle for you.


Elite Limo Hire operates throughout the country, so no distance is too far for us to provide our self drive hire services to you.




Elite Limo Hire is a trading name of Farnells Executive Hire and is solely used for marketing purposes only